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By Teka

It’s interesting to see in this age of communication the number of artists who, like the rest of us, have started blogging. There is no doubt that the internet has changed forever artists’ ability to disseminate their work outside of a physical space. But more interesting to me is the way that artists have started using websites to disseminate ideas. Artists often get a bad wrap as being inarticulate, so hampered by their own creative “genius” that they are unable to discuss their work in words alone. Fortunately, there are a growing number of great artists’ blogs that help to disprove that particular myth, and I hope to post a few from time to time. Here’s one — reknowned photographer Dawoud Bey, a Yale grad who since 1998, has been a professor of photography and Distinguished College Artist at Columbia College, Chicago. Not only does Bey talk about his own work and projects, he more frequently discusses what he himself is looking at in the art world — exhibitions he has seen, people he has met, things he has read, artists he admires. Check out his blog by clicking here.

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