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By David Colagiovanni

One of our Nasher Museum Blog writers and local artist Jerstin Crosby was recently interviewed on, a site that covers contemporary art “news, interviews and conversations,” where he gives a nice shout out to the Nasher.  Click here for the full interview about his recent work. Here’s a snippet:

Could you describe the art scene in Raleigh if possible?
One of the benefits of living in this area is that Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, and everything in between is like one big city. They all have art openings and events going on, so there is usually something worth checking out. Lump is in Raleigh, going on it’s 13th year, Branch Gallery in Durham, brings in some pretty amazing work, and Duke University’s Nasher Museum of Art has been a huge addition since it opened a few years ago.

I noticed on your web site that you have just recently began producing a public access contemporary art show. Can you describe that project if possible?
Acid Rain Production ( is a venue for new media artists to have their work exhibited to an audience that otherwise may never come to an art gallery.  It provides a link between video artists and people who like to watch TV, like myself.  In a gallery situation, artists generally show a video piece looping on a monitor, and that is the basic idea for the show.  For one hour, twice a week, for one month we loop one video piece.[…]

Read the entire interview

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