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By Teka

Not too long ago, I mentioned my plan to post – from time to time – links to artists who have blogs.  But there is also a growing number of art dealers who blog, too – and not just about the artists they work with.  Edward Winkelman, who has a gallery in New York, blogs regularly on art, politics and life in general. Not only does he post quite a lot, but he also has a fair number of folk who comment on his site, making it a fun place to read about what people in the art world are thinking these days.  Plus Winkelman has links to practically every art news site and blog on the web.  His post last week on the decline of sales of so-called “street art” as a bellwether for the declining commercial art market is interesting – particularly with the news over the past two weeks on the state of the US economy.  The art world, too, is affected by bank failures, the credit crunch and sub-prime mortgage crisis.  How things play out over the next year will doubtless have consequences not only for those who buy art, but also for museums who rely on  their patrons to donate works of art to their collections.  Click here to read Winkelman’s post on the street art market, or here to see the most recent post on his engaging blog.

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