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By Jerstin Crosby

This is a really great group show at Raleigh’s Lump Gallery through the month of October. The show features artists whose life and art have intertwined with the history of Philadelphia’s Space 1026 over the years. A catalog for Big Kids/Little Kids is available at Lump. This traveling and constantly evolving exhibition was curated by John Freeborn, and has previously been exhibited in other forms in Philadelphia, Los Angeles, New York, and Houston. Shephard Fairey, who is responsible for the world famous OBEY company and more recently the Barack Obama “HOPE” campaign sticker, has two pieces in the show. Also, Barry McGee, Andrew Jeffrey Wright, Jim Houser and many more have work up. Complete list below.

Barry McGee Shephard Fairey John Freeborn with his needle points.

Complete artist list:
Adam Wallacavage
Amy S. Kauffman
Andrew Kuo
Andrew Jeffrey Wright
Barry McGee
Ben Woodward
Dave Delaney
Eric McDade
Isaac Lin
Jim Houser
Jordan Isip
John Freeborn
Joseph Hart
Ryan Wallace
Shepard Fairey
Shelley Spector
Shelter Serra
Tim Lewis
Thomas Maher
Todd St. John
Tom Lessner

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