Blog / It Takes a Village to Put on a Blockbuster Exhibition


By Juline Chevalier

The folks who volunteer at the Nasher Museum are amazing!  The docents spent months training to learn all they could about this special exhibition, and now they are giving more school tours and slide lectures than ever.  There are a good number of docents who have been with the museum since Sarah Schroth joined the staff more than 10 years ago…what dedication!

It has been wonderful to get to know so many new people who have signed on especially to help with El Greco to Velazquez.  They generously give of their time to make sure every visitor has a great experience.  Folks come in week after week to assist with welcoming visitors, taking tickets, selling audio guides, selling memberships and so much more.

Next time you’re at the Nasher, I hope you take a moment to say a special “thank you” to the volunteers you see.  We truly couldn’t do it without them.

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