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By Jerstin Crosby

I will miss St. Ignatius Loyola when he is gone. For me, this sculpture stood out among the rest of the El Greco to Velazquez exhibition. I think it was the sheer brilliance and steady hand of Gregorio Fernandez in painting the decorative edge of Loyola’s robe that blew me away. Or maybe it was the small chapel he held in his hand that reminded me of a William Christenberry model. Either way, there is something very contemporary about this sculpture. The attitude, the narrative components, the painted wood, the decorative elements; it all added up to amazingly vibrant composition. I am definitely not an expert on this era or technique of sculpture, so I’m sorry for the candidness, but I really enjoyed this piece, and I wish it lived in this region so I could go back to it over time.

-Jerstin Crosby

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William Christenberry

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