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By Laura Pierce

It’s usually about 11 a.m. on Sunday mornings that I finally convince myself to get out of bed, mostly motivated by the fact that I have a 12 p.m. brunch planned with the nine girls I live with. Sunday brunch is our chance to catch up on all of the happenings of the week, to share funny stories and to complain about the ever daunting amount of work looming ahead for that afternoon. Brunch is a chance to get away from our little tower in Craven Quad on West Campus and explore dining options that are not the Loop or Alpine. There are several places we frequent, including Elmo’s and the Wa Duke, but the one that tops our list is the Nasher Museum Café.

One of the reasons we love the Nasher Museum Café is that it’s so close. On a nice day it takes us about just as long to walk over to the Nasher as it does to find our cars in the abyss that is the Blue Zone. And don’t even get me started about the food. After an entire week of eating Loop salads and Great Hall sushi, the food at the Nasher is a welcome change. At the Nasher you can always expect your dish of choice to be unique, beautifully presented and of course delicious! Also the menu tends to change every so often so you never get tired of anything. Only to add to this is the amazing atmosphere. The space is extremely welcoming and the staff are always friendly. On fall days my friends and I always love to sit on the patio as we eat our brunch, soaking in the sunlight and sipping our sweet teas after too many hours in the library the day before. During the winter we concede to the cold and sit inside but the dining experience is still just as pleasurable.

Recently there has been a lot of push on campus for another sit-down dining option for students, but the Duke student only needs to look a little beyond West Campus to see that this option is already available to them. The Nasher Museum Café is a great alternative for students during the week, and especially for brunch on the weekends, when most east campus eateries are closed. Not to mention the fact that the café also takes food points! My friends and I were lucky enough to discover the café as freshman, and we highly recommend this dining gem to all our Duke peers!

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