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By Teka

For those of you who are curious about the mania that is Art Basel Miami Beach, check out this great roundup by web zine Flavorpill‘s Paul Laster.  This year, Paul managed the fantastic feat of blogging WHILE in Miami, which given his schedule is truly a miracle.  I’ll do my own brief roundup in the next day or so, but in the meantime, click here to go on Paul’s journey into the Miami art wonderland at Flavorwire dot com.  There are photos and links and blow by blow details of an impressively large selection of what was happening down there over the past week.

And, just for kicks, I’m linking to two videos on YouTube of the vernissages at Art Basel Miami Beach and Art Positions (held in shipping containers on the beach a few blocks from the convention center).  In the latter, keep an eye out for a brief clip around the six minute mark of Los Angeles based performance collective My Barbarian in Steve Turner Contemporary’s container — one of my favorite things at the fair.  But more on that later…

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