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By Teka 

Those of you who are lucky enough (unlike me) not to be preoccupied with the current slowing art market, may not realize that today begins the annual art world pilgrimage to Miami for Miami Art Basel, one of the largest contemporary art fairs in the world.

Over the next five days, art dealers and collectors will parry and thrust over all kinds of artwork, from small works by emerging young artists to priceless investment pieces by art-royalty.  Alongside them will be museum directors and curators (including your own Nasher Museum’s Kimerly Rorschach and Trevor Schoonmaker), artists, and art tourists, taking advantage of this rare opportunity to see so many diverse and quality works in one city. Miami-based collectors (including Duke Alum Jason Rubell) will open their homes and private museums for viewing, and Miami-area museums will unveil new exhibitions and projects. There will be satellite fairs, and more satellite fairs, and if it is anything like last year, even more satellite fairs, as almost every art gallery in the contemporary art world tries to get in on the action.

I, too, will be there, and will endeavor to convince Trevor to post on this next adventure when we return. And I’ll be sure to include some photos on the blog, so that everyone can understand what South Beach in the first week of December is all about.

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