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By Teka

For those of us following the shocking news from Brandeis last week, it was important to hear the word from the New York Times. Yesterday, Roberta Smith weighed in, and she didn’t mince words, stating:

It is hard to know how anyone could destroy this museum, but that’s what Brandeis announced it would do last Monday. It’s hard to think of a comparably destructive — and self-destructive — move in the art world today.

She noted the current show at the Rose, “Saints and Sinners” as a great one.  Guest curated by the New Museum‘s Laura Hoptman, the exhibition draws from the Rose’s own permanent collection, juxtaposing old and new works to create fresh combinations.  This is exactly the kind of resourceful curation that becomes necessary in times of recession; museums find that tough economic times can provide an opportunity to explore their holdings, reframing and recontextualizing works for their audience.  I have no doubt that as the recession drags on, we’ll see a lot more museums taking this same tack.  How ironic that, while the Rose is being so fiscally responsible, the decision to close the museum could still be made.  As Smith states,

The message out of Brandeis University last week — to its own students and to the world — was that when the going gets tough, none of this matters. Art is dispensable.

To read the entire excellent article, click here.

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