Blog / The Simplicity of Art to the Significance of life


By Brittany Titus
Nasher marketing intern

It’s funny how we live our lives day to day not realizing that the simplest things we use and say are our own personal work of art.

Many of the artists out of the “Escultura Social: A New Generation of Art from Mexico City” exhibition, such as Abraham Cruzvillegas, Fernando Carabajal and Dr. Lakra, have taken what we know to be “everyday objects” and turned them into a creation that can be the depiction of one’s own life.

When I first walked into “Escultura Social” the first work that caught my attention was by Fernando Carabajal called, “Mediodia sobre la mesa insobornable.At first it seemed like a desk with just some markers, pencils, spray paint and a little monument of a mountain on it, but after staring at it for about seven minutes the work seemed to open up a broader picture for me. This was more then just a desk, it was almost as if life was on a table and the supplies around it were the tools to help us get through everyday obstacles and tribulations until we have reached our departing on this Earth, which was the top of the mountain peak, into a new life, which is the light

This work, along with many others in the exhibition, show how life doesn’t have to seem as complex as we make it, we just need to take the time and step back for a second to examine what’s in front of us. The simplicity of one’s art can be the significance to one’s life.

Brittany Titus is a rising junior at North Carolina Central University.

IMAGE: Fernando Carabajal, “Mediodia sobre la mesa insobornable (detail), 2005-06. Wood, sand, lamp, drawings, book, polyurethane, plasticine, polystyrene, modeling materials and packages, 35 x 47 x 63 inches. Photo by Dr. J Caldwell



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