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By Brittany Titus, Nasher Intern

A photograph in the Nasher Museum’s permanent collection gallery instantly caught my eye.
Artist Zwelethu Mthethwa captured a woman sitting in her house, but the crazy part about it is that her house looks like it is made out of cardboard, her table of newspapers. Pictures hung up appear to be drawn, or ripped apart, and I just don’t understand why. I guess this is a real life situation.

This work of art made me never want to take life for granted because you never know what someone else’s treasure is or when someone can just take everything away from you. When I looked directly at the photo it was almost like I felt her hurt, her pain, her crying just from being in that environment. We sit here and complain about everything but never stop for a second to think about what people in other countries are going through, whether it’s by choice or from a dictatorship. I guess I now understand the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” because after examining a photo like this, nothing but thoughts of pain come to my head. The last impression I got of the photo was of her speaking to me with her eyes saying, “Look at me, this is a real situation. Why Me?”

CREDIT: Zwelethu Mthethwa, “Untitled from Interior Series Number 9,” 2002-2006. Color print mounted on aluminum. Promised Gift of Blake Byme, Los Angeles, in memory of Raymond Nasher.

Brittany Titus is a Nasher marketing intern and a rising junior at North Carolina Central University.

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