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By Brooke Hartley, Nasher Museum Intern

Whenever I try to piece together the figurative scrapbook of my college experiences, memories of the Nasher Museum blend seamlessly with caffeinated all-nighters in the library, football tailgates, and other staples of my Duke lifestyle. In just a short time, the Nasher Museum has become as quintessentially Duke as some of our more established traditions. Thanks to this phenomenon, the Nasher  has helped stitch the fabric of daily university life.

As a freshman, the Nasher staged my college career’s opening act.  During orientation week’s “Night at the Nasher,” feelings of anxiety mixed with excitement as the incoming class navigated a sea of unfamiliar faces. Strangers turned into friends as the Nasher became the first chapter in a much longer story,

From an academic perspective, a quick trip to one of the Nasher’s exhibitions or lectures has become standard procedure for classes ranging from “Spanish for Oral Communication” to a writing class on missionaries. Art has proven to be delicious side dish or even a main course for a wide range of academic material, with the Nasher Museum serving up enough to diverse and distinctive exhibitions to satiate our intellectual appetites.

The Nasher isn’t just a university resource to turn students into better art spectators. Rather, it is a community institution that provides an avenue to make every day more beautiful and more exciting. From a personal perspective, the Nasher was the setting of my high school prom, the avenue to begin new friendships, and now my employer and my opportunity to discover new interests and skills. For me and many others, the Nasher Museum is not merely a grand building filled with artwork, but an important figure in our daily lives.

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