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by David

In the run-up to our re-design we went live last night with a mobile version of Nasher Museum Blogs.  Dubbed Nasher Blogs: Mobile the mobile site echoes all of the great content available in the full version of the blog but runs considerably faster for viewers on mobile devices with limited bandwidth.  If you’re on a mobile device you probably already have noticed that things look a bit different. Check out these screen shots:

photo 3

Nasher Blogs: Mobile (article view)


Nasher Blogs: Mobile (post to twitter functions)

How it works:

The mobile blog site runs on a WordPress plugin called WP Touch that can tell if a viewer is accessing the site from a mobile device and if so serves up a mobile theme. So how do you see it if you’re not on a internet enabled phone?  Try Iphoney or enable the developer mode in Safari (works on both pc and mac) and let us know what you think in the comments.

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