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With Dispatches, every now and then we check in with artists connected with the Nasher Museum to find out about their most recent projects.

Our latest news from Texas-based artist Dario Robleto since the Yo La Tengo record release party in New York is a new exhibition of his work at 3917 Main, an Inman Gallery production, in Houston. Quick background: Several of Dario’s sculptures and assemblages will be included in the Nasher Museum’s upcoming exhibition “The Record,” a group show involving more than 30 international artists from the 1960s to the present, opening fall 2010. He gave the Barbra and Andrew Rothschild Lecture here last spring.

“Dario Robleto: Some Longings Survive Death” presents eight of the artist’s most recent large-scale works, together for the first time. Those familiar with Dario’s work know that the accompanying title and list of materials, like the liner notes in a record album, are as important as the sculpture itself. Consider the list of beautiful and impossible-sounding (though very real) materials for one of the works in the show: “Glacially released 50,000-year old woolly mammoth tusks, nineteenth-century braided hair flowers of various lovers intertwined with glacially released woolly mammoth hair, carved ivory and bone, bocote, colored paper, silk, ribbon, typeset.” (Bocote is a kind of wood.)

From the press release: “(These) sculptures trace the limits of mortality and extinction. Robleto proposes regenerative narratives, mixing natural history and tokens of desire into remedies for the inevitable losses of time.”

These eight works have been on view in two recent exhibitions, “Human/Nature: Artists Respond to a Changing Planet” (Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego; and Berkeley Art Museum, Berkeley, CA) and “Heaven is Being a Memory to Others” (Frye Art Museum, Seattle, WA).

“Dario Robleto: Some Longings Survive Death” will be on view in Houston through December 31. Read a terrific review of the artist’s “most ambitious work to date” here.

IMAGE: Dario Robleto, “Demonstrations of Sailors’ Valentines,” 2009. Cut paper, various seashells, colored wax, cartes de visites, silk, ribbon, foam core, glue. Courtesy of  the artist and Inman Gallery, Houston.

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