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Introducing Dispatches, where every now and then we’ll check in with artists connected with the Nasher Museum to find out about their latest projects.

Berlin-based artist Satch Hoyt, who visited the Nasher Museum last month for an artist residency, recently completed an installation in Lisbon, Portugal.

He explains the powerful work:
“Liberation begins with the Imagination” (Freedom is a State of Mind) is a work totally
inspired on site, when I visited the sanitorium at the Julio de Matos Hospital in Lisbon which for the last four years has been used as an alternative art space.
I had planned to install another work.
On seeing and feeling the space alloted to me, I had a change of mind.
Claustrophobia and confinement is what I immediately felt in that space.
I decided to focus on an obsessive act related to imprisonment and the intense desire of being released. The markings are also vaguely reminiscent of musical notation, shall we call them a “freedom score.”
All freedoms begin with the imagination from slavery, to civil rights, to feminism.
Once one can imagine, one can manifest.
The markings on the wall represent the seven days of the week as they are marked and crossed out by inmates in cells, in institutions. The countdown to liberation day, to freedom.
A bare black lightbulb is suspended in the middle of the room,  giving off a blue hue. A mirror is placed in a central position on the floor,  reflecting the bulb and the walls and  creating a crater-like sensation, a hole, an illusionary space to escape into.

IMAGE: Courtesy of the artist.

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