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By Wendy

Navigating New York has been stress free all week, thanks to a lifesaver called HopStop, bookmarked on my phone. HopStop has taken me to five art museums, the Armory and ADAA art fairs and a bunch of Chelsea galleries without getting lost once. I type in my location and destination and get simple, fast directions for foot or subway (I don’t do buses).
I need a similar service to instantly find artists.
Call it ArtBark. Or Art Junkie.
Plug in the artist’s name and get directions to the nearest gallery, fair or museum showing the artist’s work.
A great thing about New York is that your favorite artists’ work is definitely here. You just have to know how to find it.
One of my greatest pleasures all week has been finding new work by important artists connected with the Nasher Museum. The image above is a brand new sculpture/poster/mixed-media installation by Dario Robleto, whose work is in our collection, and also a cornerstone of our upcoming exhibition, “The Record: Contemporary Art & Vinyl.” I think Dario has found a solution to the national health insurance problem! I am sorry you cannot see the details in this work, which features a beautiful drawing. It’s on view at D’Amelio Terras gallery, 525 W. 22nd St., Chelsea.
I found another work by Dario in the group show “Slash: Paper Under the Knife,” at the Museum of Arts and Design at Columbus Circle. I needed HopStop to navigate this one, so layered and intricate, with a wonderful corn husk nurse and dozens of many-petaled paper flowers. I overheard a visitor explaining Dario’s work very authoritatively and admiringly to his girlfriend — pieces that will be in “The Record.” Of course I injected myself into the conversation!
HopStop is not the only tool I need in New York. The other important element is serendipity, and keeping eyes and ears open for moments with like-minded art fans.

IMAGE: Dario Robleto, “The Citizen-Doctor,” 2009. Cut paper, colored pencil, foam core, 54 1/2 x 40 1/2 x 2 1/2 inches. Courtesy of the artist and D’Amelio Terras, New York.
Note: The blog will not accommodate a high-resolution image. Because it’s impossible to read the text in the lower half of the work, I have recorded it below:
The Table of Elements is Lying in Your Womb
When Your Bones Resist Your Will
Kiss the Pulse at Her Wrist
Diagnosis: Anarchy of Aorta
Don’t Decay in the Wrong Arms
Dull Scalpels, Engorged Heart
Cures That Will Never Come
The Hush That Precedes a Death
The Earth Takes Her Minerals from Our Graves

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