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rogers-bush-iraq-vetBy Juline

Have you tried out the “Free Speech Booth” at the Nasher Museum? If not, you really should next time you are here. It’s a really fun way to talk back to the museum and tell museum staff and others what you think about the exhibition, “Lines of Attack: Conflicts in Caricature.”

As you leave the exhibition, look out for the voting booth. There’s a computer screen and camera for you to record a short video of your reactions to the exhibition. Nasher staffers are reviewing them all and posting some of them on our YouTube channel.

We’ve also recently added a second voting booth inside the exhibition where you can respond in writing to a specific political cartoon. You can check it out here and leave your own comment.

By the way, those voting booths are mine. They usually sit in my living room (without the computers.) Why do I own two butterfly ballot voting booths? Well, they were for sale at The Scrap Exchange a couple years ago, and I couldn’t resist this little piece of history. Many districts are moving towards computerized voting, so I felt these were important artifacts. Plus, I thought I could make them into cool end-tables.

Juline Chevalier is the curator of education at the Nasher Museum.

IMAGE: Rob Rogers, “Iraq Forced Me to Give Up Golf, Too,” 2008. Ink on Grafix 32-L Unishade Board, 12 3/4 x 9 inches. Courtesy of Rob Rogers and Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

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