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By Betsy and Danielle

We’re always keeping our eyes peeled for new work from our favorite Nasher Museum exhibition artists. Taiyo Kimura’s work will be featured in our upcoming fall exhibition, “The Record: Contemporary Art and Vinyl,”  so we thought we would check out what he’s up to.

What we found was unnervingly fascinating. Taiyo brings fashion magazines to life (turning two dimensions into three), invites his visitors into eerie video tunnels and constructs bodies in unsettling circumstances. Take a look at a few videos of his recent work. His art is unexpected and provocative.

Contemporary artist Taiyo Kimura lives and works in Japan. However, with exhibitions in  Japan, Germany and Canada, visitors are interacting with his work around the globe. We can’t wait to meet the mind behind these bold pieces when Taiyo heads to Durham in August.

The exhibition “The Record: Contemporary Art and Vinyl” will open at the Nasher Museum on September 2, 2010. Preview week starts August 26.

Betsy Bourassa is a Duke junior and Danielle Garver is a Duke senior.

IMAGE: Screen grab from the 2010 video, “You Yesyesyes” by Taiyo Kimura.

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