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By Andrew

Things have been busy at the Nasher Museum with the opening of The Record: Contemporary Art and Vinyl less than a month away. But Durham-based artist/musician Harrison Haynes has been pretty busy, too.

The most ubiquitous bit of Haynes-related news has been splashed across the music blogosphere. His band Les Savy Fav released its excellent new single, “Let’s Get Out of Here,” on iTunes today. The album, titled Root for Ruin (Ramones nod?), will be released September 14 on Frenchkiss Records and sports album art by Haynes.

If tending to his own band and art wasn’t enough, Haynes has also been working with the folks at Merge Records. First, the Durham-based artist/musician has designed the album art for the 7-inch for indie rock pioneer Superchunk’s “Digging for Something” from the album Majesty Shredding also to be released September 14. (And in case you missed it, Superchunk will play a show at the Nasher Museum on September 16.) Haynes also collaborated with Merge co-founder/Superchunk frontman/Record catalogue contributer Mac McCaughan for the track “Murdering a Rock.”  The song will be released on the limited edition 12-inch LP released as part of New York-based artist Xaviera Simmons’ installation Thundersnow Road, NC, commissioned by the Nasher Museum for The Record.

Finally, Haynes is one of 10 artists who curated a crate of records for the Cover to Cover installation in The Record.

And if all this wasn’t enough, he’s been working on his MFA at Bard College. A busy year indeed.

IMAGE: Superchunk’s “Majesty Shredding” cover art by Harrison Haynes

Andrew Hibbard is a rising senior at Duke.

Correction (August 2, 2010): The post mistakenly attributed Haynes as doing the album art for the Superchunk LP Majesty Shredding rather than the 7-inch depicted above.

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