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By Tenisha

While I was exploring the “Color Balance” exhibition recently I met Liz Turner and Martha Morrill, two very friendly sisters.
As Turner browsed the exhibition she told me, “I like this exhibition very much and so far it is definitely my favorite.” Morrill enjoyed the postcards and said, “I think this is a wonderful idea and very therapeutic just being able to color and express creativity through art because drawing and coloring relieve stress.”
The two had a great time visiting the Nasher Museum.

Many people come and visit the museum and have a great time, especially when they are able to get involved artistically. Here are some postcards that different people from all walks of life have created. They were able to express themselves through art and show a lot of creativity.

One of my favorites is the second postcard on the last row. I really love the artist’s choice of colors (red, orange and black) and the detail in the cloud. It is interesting how the artist used colors that symbolize strength, determination and power. Those colors and their meanings really show how wonderful of a person the artist is.

Also, the first postcard on the fourth row from the top is another that I really like. I love how the artist uses shapes and different colors of the rainbow in their art. The exuberant colors shows how joyful and happy the artist is, and the diamond that the artist drew expresses wisdom.

Something that caught my attention in the “Color Balance” exhibition and has been somewhat of an inspiration to me and probably other individuals who come to the museum is this quote: “A world without color would seem dead. Color is life. Light is the mother of color. Light reveals to us the spirit and living soul of the world through colors.” This amazing quote is by Alma Thomas, and it is printed on the wall right above the location where visitors display their own art.
Alma Thomas and Felrath Hines are both very remarkable abstract artists. Having individuals from all around come here to the museum and be inspired by the two is truly fantastic. Also, giving visitors the opportunity to create their own art at the museum is superb!


Visitors to the exhibition “Color Balance” are decorating blank postcards with materials in the gallery. They are creating abstract designs inspired by Felrath Hines and Alma Thomas or writing about what they like best in the show. The Nasher Museum staff is mailing the addressed postcards back to their creators. See some of our favorites here.

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