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By Wendy

We just could not resist sharing this hilarious photo album from Huffington Post.
“With everything from 7-piece family bands with matching outfits, to creepy puppets and gay dogs, we searched the Internet high and low to find these baffling vinyl covers,” writes Katla McGlynn. “Which is the most ridiculous? Take a look and vote for your favorite!”

Unusual album covers were the inspiration for “Cover to Cover,” an installation outside the exhibition “The Record: Contemporary Art and Vinyl,” opening August 25. There, visitors will be able to thumb through crates of record albums and play them on record players, just outside the gallery. Curator Trevor Schoonmaker asked 10 artists (six individuals and two duos) to create a conceptual artwork by selecting 20 LP records based on the album-cover visuals. Trevor asked the artists to deliver the records to the museum, making these not rare-album wish lists but works created by making selections from what was readily available. Thus, through their choices, each artist communicates a message or tells a visual story that speaks to the unique expressive impact of the 12-inch album cover.

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