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art-baselBy Wendy

A little Nasher Museum gang is headed to Art Basel Miami Beach tomorrow.
We’ve downloaded our Art Basel app, stowed our VIP passes (see above), mentally adjusted for summer in December.
Avoiding packing on Sunday, I ripped open The New York Times to devour the Top 10 list of “must-do spots to schmooze, party, dine and, oh, see art” at Art Basel Miami Beach, one of the biggest and most important contemporary art fairs in the country.
Oohhh, my heart pounded and my eyes glittered as I imagined myself sipping free Dom at an invitation-only party at this year’s members-only It Hotel.
Then I remembered I don’t get invitations to those parties.
I am going to Miami to see the art. Truly. Not that I would turn down a fresh mojito, but my dispatches from Miami will be about great art by great artists.
Lucky for me, I have two of the best guides EVER. The Nasher Museum’s own Trevor Schoonmaker, Patsy R. and Raymond D. Nasher Curator of Contemporary Art, and Kimerly Rorschach, Mary D.B.T. and James H. Semans Director, will cut through that football field of art like my 10-year-old through cotton candy.
They have exquisite taste. They have a nose for heart-stopping, incredible work found in the nooks and crannies of Art Basel. I can’t wait for their exclusive tour, for which I hope to mount video cameras (with eye tracking capability) on their heads.
All week, I will share Trevor and Kim’s insights with the reader of this blog: my mother.
Weeeeell, I’d better get packing.

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