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Letter from a recent student visitor

By Amy

Why do people become members of an art museum? Perhaps it’s the free admission, discounts in the store and café and the free audio guides? And, of course, it doesn’t hurt that it’s all a tax-deductible donation.

But I believe people join the Nasher Museum for the art. Not just for seeing the art, but because their membership donation helps provide wonder to schoolchildren, so they can celebrate the joy of learning, the excitement of discovery, of sharing community and humanity, of seeing the world through a different lens. Nasher Museum members help us offer free educational programs to thousands of K-12 schoolchildren, and the public. A Nasher Museum membership shows you support the arts; memberships can help make art, and education, a priority in your life.

The holiday season is upon us. Consider giving the gift of membership, and spread wonder for the entire year. Or, if you aren’t a member, considering giving yourself the gift of membership.

Join or give the gift today:
By phone: 919-684-3411
In person at the museum’s information desk.

Amy Weaver is the membership coordinator at the Nasher Museum.

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