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By Wendy

MIAMI–For today’s 54-degree morning, the Rubell family offered a perfect formula: espresso and bowls of not-too-hot, just-right porridge.
To get their hands on the life-sustaining porridge, dozens of visitors uncertainly made their way through the Rubell Family Collection’s cavernous gallery and out to the back patio. One by one, they ignored the “WARNING!” sign and ducked through a rough-hewn hole in a wall, picked their way across a weedy lot and entered a condemned-looking house.
There, Jennifer Rubell had created a sort of progressive breakfast, Goldilocks-style.
One room contained a table with stacks and stacks of little white bowls. Another room held a table spilling over with spoons. Dozens of crockpots filled with porridge dominated the third room. Guests found no written instructions and yet managed to figure it out. They topped off their porridge with brown sugar and raisins. See pictures here. See a short video that aired live on Duke’s ustream channel here.
“I totally identify with Goldilocks 100 percent,” Jennifer told us, just as we finished slurping our porridge outside.
Goldilocks goes out into the world, Jennifer said, and decides exactly what she wants. Indeed!
The Rubells knew exactly what we all wanted. On Day Three of Art Basel Miami Beach, we are starting to feel the strain of gallery booths that stretch on for miles, late-night beach concerts and parties featuring $17 cocktails. The Rubell Family Collection soothed all five senses this morning. The exhibition “How Soon Now” and a talk by art world legend John Baldessari rounded out the program.

IMAGE: Dear Nasher Museum friends Marilyn Arthur (left) and Mindy Solie (right) enjoy porridge with Marilyn’s niece Karen. Photo by Wendy Hower Livingston.

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