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By Andrew

W. Eugene Smith’s Sixth Avenue loft was its own world of jazz on the inside, but that didn’t mean he was isolated from the New York streets beyond his window. Much of the work in The Jazz Loft Project is Smith’s quasi-voyeuristic glimpses of passers-by from his fourth-story window.

As part of The Jazz Loft Project, visitors to the exhibition are invited to share some of the most unusual things they have seen out their own windows. They are writing down their experiences on Post-It notes and sticking to a wall in the gallery. As you can see in the photo above, plenty of visitors have seen some odd things. The notes include narratives of aliens abducting cars full of colorblind cats, predatory foxes and strange humans staring back through the window. The notes suggest a geographic diversity of sightings, ranging from warm seaside beaches to the Himalayas. You can see photos of some our favorite notes on the Nasher’s Flickr. And of course you can document your own sightings when you visit the exhibition, sharing your visions just as Smith did.

Sharing these Post-It notes is just one of many ways visitors can help enhance the exhibition.

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