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Did you see the Big Bambú installation last year on the roof of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NY?
Doug and Mike Starn brought Big Bambú to Venice.
Here is Trevor on the roof of the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, with the installation on the roof next door.

Kim’s notes: “It has been a big hit here and looks different, taller and more vertical, than when it was at the Met.”

From the Starn Studio website: The central aspect of the ongoing sculpture in Venice is a 50′ tall hollow tower of bamboo, with a trail spiraling up to the top reaching a 20′ wide roof top lounge/Altana (there will be limited access). The Starns and their crew of rock climbers will continue to lash together bamboo, sustaining the spiral upward until the closing day of the sculpture, June 15th. As Big Bambú is about the continual evolution of living things, in addition to 2,000 fresh poles harvested from a farm in France, Doug and Mike have cut several of the Fragments out of the Metropolitan installation. The Starns: “We are grafting a new Big Bambú and using 1,000 poles from the Met as stem cells, the Venice piece will still be the Metropolitan piece but also a new one, Big Bambú is always growing and changing and becoming something new– as we all are.”

Nasher Museum Director Kim Rorschach and Trevor Schoonmaker, curator of contemporary art, are at the Venice Biennale. Through quick iPhone communiques, they share exciting works of art and installations around Venice that have caught their attention.

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