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Just in from Trevor’s iPhone: a scene from the “Gone with the Wind” exhibition at Raven Row in London.
Trevor’s notes: “Top floor (3rd or 4th)…rollicking, chaotic fun. Group installation surprise after floors of documentation, and minimal sound art works.”

From Raven Row’s press releases: “This exhibition brings together three pioneers of sound art, Max Eastley (born 1944, UK), Takehisa Kosugi (born 1938, Japan) and Walter Marchetti (born 1931, Italy). Each artist has developed a distinct approach to the problem of representing immateriality, while sharing a lightness of touch, approaching sound with patience, restraint and fidelity. As well as presenting new and historic work, the exhibition will comprise live performance, and a selection of material from the artists’ substantial archives.”

During June, we’ll occasionally hear from Trevor Schoonmaker on his travels throughout Europe. Trevor, who is the Patsy R. and Raymond D. Nasher Curator of Contemporary Art at the Nasher Museum, is in London now, then he’s off to Art Basel 42 in Switzerland and the Venice Biennale.

IMAGE: “Resonance 104.4FM,” “Resonance Open,” 2011. Mixed Media. Giulio Ammendola, Joe Farley & Marcos Gomez, Dominick Allen, Alex Allmont, Mario Athanasiou, Jon Aveyard, Mike Ballard, Fari Bradley, Sandra Cross, Richard Crow, William English, Rosie Farrell, Ella Fine, Becca Foster, Jodie Marks, Siobhan Martin, Mark Maxwell, Erin Newell, Charlotte Norwood, Andrew Rowe, Dan Scott, Richard Sides, Edd Simpson, Tom Slater, Aymee Smith, Naoko TakaHashi, Freddy Tuppen, Joe Walker, Chris Wallace, Mandy Williams, et al.

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