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by J Caldwell

As part of our interactive component to accompany Olafur Eliasson’s The uncertain museum, we asked a seemingly simple question – Why do you visit museums? We’ve read hundreds of hand-written responses from Nasher Museum visitors that range from those looking for inspiration to those looking for status, from avoiding bad weather to getting lost with the art and the honest truth–“Why not?”

The Nasher Museum has a long history of “interactives.” From the recent Alexander Calder exhibition you told us I think…, you enhanced The Deconstructive Impulse on paper and with our iPad survey and, a personal favorite, for Jazz Loft you shared your pictures taken between 1957 to 1965 and created your own images inspired by W. Eugene Smith with our smartphone “Window Frame” app. Soon you will be able to get an enhanced version of Eat, Pray, Weave on your smartphone or tablet. We also have a lively facebook page for all things art.

We are now entering the final weeks of The uncertain museum and will be starting to make room for Matisse and Modern Masters. Here are some of my personal favorite visitor responses to Why do you visit museums? (visit us on facebook to see the rest).

Starting with a wonderful quote from RWE.

From the first year student party.

The ones that make me laugh are often the ones I think are the most genuine.

How could you not love this one?

Evidently we have younger visitors. The redacted “I” is perfect.

While most people responded with respect to art museums, it’s nice someone thought of a natural history museum.

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