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By Wendy

Even before setting foot in Art Basel Miami Beach (which opens today), we found a lot to inspire us last night in a big white tent–the new satellite fair Project Miami in the Midtown/Wynwood Art District.

One of the highlights: Dario Robleto’s suite of nine prints, a collection of stage lights taken from fan-shot photographs at concerts with Johnny Cash, Janis Joplin, the Doors and other late musicians. The prints look like otherworldly photographs from outer space. This body of work is “modeled after the Hubble’s ‘Deep Field’ images,” Dario told me a year ago, by email, “which are the earliest images of the known universe when the very first stars were just beginning to flicker into existence.” (We wrote about a similar work in a blog post in 2011.)
It was also exciting to see his installation The Minor Chords Are Ours. In Dario’s work, a spool of thread is not a spool of thread!
Dario’s work was presented by Inman Gallery, based in Houston, one of the 65 galleries at Project Miami.
We also lingered for a long time with fantastic mixed-media works by Whitfield Lovell (above), presented by DC Moore of New York. He juxtaposes meticulous portraits of people with gorgeous objects.

We’re off to the main fair this morning, already energized by the 11th annual edition of Art Basel Miami Beach.

IMAGE AT TOP: (Foreground) Dario Robleto, The Minor Chords Are Ours, 2010. Vintage Mason jars, vintage wooden spools, stretched audio tape, minor chords, linseed oil, willow, 60 x 23 x 23 inches. (Background) Dario Robleto, Will The Sun Remember At All, 2011-12. Suite of 9 archival digital prints on Epson Somerset Velvet 255gsm paper, 1/4, each print 23 x 23 inches. Photo by Trevor Schoonmaker.
IMAGE BELOW: Whitfield Lovell, Pago Pago, 2008. Conte on wood with radios and sound, 97 x 66 x 13. Courtesy of DC Moore, NY.

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