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Collecting Matisse and Modern Masters: The Cone Sisters of Baltimore includes several photographs that depict the Cone sisters’ lives between 1903 and the 1940s. We would like a glimpse of your family’s life during those years. Share your family photographs from between 1903 and 1949. Email photographs to A selection of photos will be shared online. You can view our gallery of submissions on flickr.

by Wendy Livingston and J Caldwell

My grandfather, Dr. E. C. Brown, was a chiropractor practicing in Durham, N.C., for 55 years. This photo was taken ca. 1920 during his studies at the Palmer School of Chiropractic, which was the first institution of its kind in the world.

Submitted by Beth Ray-Schroeder ’83

Attached is a photo of Jesse Franklin Montgomery, Jr, (Frank) his wife Lucretia Rogers Montgomery, and their son (my brother), Jesse Franklin Montgomery, III (Monty). They are pictured in front of Frank’s oil and gas business started in Smithfield, NC, sometime before World War II. The date of the photo is about 1938.

Submitted by Janet Montgomery

My grandfather, Julius Everett Marsh Sr., founded Marsh Furniture in 1906 in High Point, NC. Marsh Furniture has been crafting fine kitchen cabinetry for over a century and is still located on its original property.

Submitted by Jane Marsh

I found a handsome very old well preserved bespoke stroller in my mother’s attic when we were clearing it out. I saved it knowing it was something special and thought perhaps it had belonged to my grandfather. Indeed it did. I recently became curious and hoped to find a match book cover, a napkin or a note or something that would tell me who this finery belonged to. In a pocket was written his name and the
clothier in Danville Va. along with the date 1904, written in what appears to match my grandfather’s hand. He was deceased before I was born and, of course, the older I get the more I want to know about this
elegant man. I have another picture I will sent you for fun since you were interested but you can’t see his face very well. It is a picture of Daddy Marsh in a locket I have that belonged to my grandmother. I have a watch that belonged to my grandmother and on the back there is an inscription of appreciation for the years she worked for Marsh Furniture. She most likely was helping to run the new company but ladies were often not acknowledged on paper.

Submitted by Jane Marsh

My grandfather, Lionel Caswell, is back row right – he was a member of the Twickenham Rowing Club in London where his team won the Henley Cup.

Submitted by Deb Fagan

My mother’s mother died in 1912 when my mother, Nell, was 4. Ollie Goldston Francis left 3 children. They were born in Oakdale, Tennessee and then, their father Walter Francis moved them to Danville, Kentucky where he felt that the schools were better.

Submitted by Louanne Watley

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