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This is the story of an art + music world collision.

It’s also a timeline of sorts of how Mac McCaughan of the band Superchunk/co-founder of Merge Records (and Nasher Museum Friends Board member) was warned in conversation with conceptual artist Taiyo Kimura “At one point, there’s someone wearing a mask of you, I’m eating curry out of a toilet.”

Mac first encountered Taiyo’s work at the now-closed Branch Gallery of Durham in 2007/2008 and then again during The Record: Contemporary Art and Vinyl which featured several of Kimura’s pieces (video and works on paper).

Taiyo Kimura by J Caldwell


Taiyo Kimura, "Haunted by You" (still), 2009. DVD, 5-minute loop. Courtesy of the artist. 

The Record was curated by Trevor Schoonmaker in 2010 (pictured below with Taiyo who is wearing the shirt he designed for the exhibition).


Taiyo and Trevor by J


DJ Centipede


A few months after The Record opening, Superchunk launched their tour of Majesty Shredding at the Nasher Museum.


Majesty Shredding




Fast forward to 2013, Superchunk go on to release their 10th studio album I Hate Music. 

Before the album release, Mac and Taiyo meet and talk again during the opening of the latest Schoonmaker-curated exhibition Wangechi Mutu: A Fantastic Journey

Here’s Wangechi during her residency.

Wangechi Mutu by J Caldwell


Taiyo and his wife.


Taiyo by J Caldwell


Mac and Harrison Haynes of Les Savy Fav.


Mac and Harrison by J Caldwell


Says McCaughan, Kimura was a natural choice when they were thinking about music videos for the new record.

 This all leads to “Mac” eating curry out of a toilet in Kimura’s video for Staying Home. 


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