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Posted By Wendy Hower

Over the holidays, one of our stylish Nasher Museum totes traveled to New Zealand.
Bright like jelly-beans, versatile, cheerful. The Nasher tote packs up small. And it was so handy in New Zealand–from the beach to the store to the pool to a night on the town.
A big thank-you to Frank Konhaus and Ellen Cassilly for this report!
Get your own free Nasher Museum tote when you visit the museum now.
Send us your tote photos! #nashertotes
ABOVE: The Ponsonby neighborhood of Auckland, New Zealand.


ABOVE: Mermaid Pools on the Tutukaka Coast in Northland, New Zealand.

TOP AND ABOVE: From scuba bag to grocery bag.


ABOVE: Matapouri Beach, Northland, New Zealand.

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