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George Jenne
George Jenne’s  2013 video Knowing Me (knowing you) is as much about writing as video. The Chapel Hill artist would like visitors to experience the video along with the text he wrote in an accompanying booklet.

“In normal filmmaking it’s kind of like, we figure out what we want to do, we write a script, we plot it out with storyboards, and then we shoot it,” Jenne told us. “And to me there’s just no creativity to that, there’s no real flow to that. I mean, it’s a way to get something done, but for me it’s essential to have these things kind of percolating all at once. … I think essentially I want [visitors] to walk away [from Knowing Me (knowing you)] having experienced a story. I mean I kind of think the most important part of any piece that I do is that you get to experience like you get told a story.

Regardless of whether it’s the text or whether it’s the video—I don’t expect people to read the words, but I do know that, or I do hope that, it enriches the experience. So to see the video and then to experience the words separately I think helps to kind of round out the story in a way that if you just do one you don’t quite get the full picture.”   

Find out more about George’s work Knowing Me (knowing you), part of the current exhibition Area 919: Artists in the Triangle, in this video. Portrait of George Jenne by J Caldwell.

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