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Dan Perjovschi


Do you remember when the Nasher Museum opened on October 2, 2005? Maybe you were here with 5,000 visitors, when Durham Mayor Bill Bell declared that this museum belongs to Durham. Or maybe you got to know the Nasher Museum over the next decade. We’ve asked folks to share their favorite Nasher memories, in honor of Nasher10, the celebration of a decade and beyond.

“The Nasher has given me such a continual stream of pleasures that it is quite a challenge to single out the best of the best. But here’s one thought: coming to the Nasher just after the graphic artist Dan Perjovschi had had his wildly impressive show at the MOMA to see his new show at the Nasher, and finding that he himself was just hanging out in the atrium—willing to engage with anybody, and just as easy, funny, and provocative as his work—and then doing new drawings with magic markers on the Nasher windows! It was art as product and art as process and art as living human creativity and exchange, all rolled into one. Just one example of the way the Nasher makes us feel more fully alive.”

Richard H. Brodhead, President, Duke University

Ribbon Cutting with Brodhead and Wilsons

ABOVE: At a festive opening ceremony, Duke President Richard H. Brodhead (right) cuts the Nasher10 ribbon at the entrance of The New Galleries with supporter Derek Wilson (T’86, B’90, P’15) – to the delight of Nasher Museum Director Sarah Schroth (second from right), Christen Wilson (second from left) and Trinity Wilson (T’15). Photo by J Caldwell.


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