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Posted by Ruth Caccavale

Ruth Caccavale


Do you remember when the Nasher Museum opened on October 2, 2005? Maybe you were here with 5,000 visitors, when Durham Mayor Bill Bell declared that this museum belongs to Durham. Or maybe you got to know the Nasher Museum over the next decade. We’ve asked folks to share their favorite Nasher memories, in honor of Nasher10, the celebration of a decade and beyond.

“Although we only moved back to Durham four years ago, I already have lots of great memories related to the Nasher. One of them was made at our first big Nasher party. It was when Coach K and the Duke men’s basketball team were invited as honored guests to the 2011 benefit gala. As we had just moved down to Durham as empty-nesters, our kids were concerned about our adjustment to the area. Thus they were astonished to know that there could be a party in which Duke basketball (my husband is the biggest fan) and an art museum come together. ‘What?’ said our son, ‘a party in an art museum with Coach K and the team?!’ From the moment they heard about this party, the kids knew we were going to be just fine…”

Ruth Caccavale, gallery guide and Friends Board member

Men's Basketball

TOP TO BOTTOM: Ruth Caccavale leads a tour through Sound Vision. Photos by J Caldwell. Duke Men’s Basketball players take a close look at Nari Ward’s Album, a collage made from basketball trading cards, part of the museum’s collection. Photo by Duke Photography.


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