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Posted by Elizabeth Djinis

As an intern in the Registrar’s department at the Nasher Museum of Art, I have been working to c… MORE

Looking back at DUMA

Posted by Beth Blackwood

When students currently enrolled at Duke University look at the Nasher Museum, they see a build… MORE

Stone Carving — Harder than it seems

Posted by Nasher Museum student intern Sharon Chan

As a senior in my final weeks of college, I am frequently asked the dreaded question: “What are… MORE



by Juline Chevalier
I was greatly surprised by Tyler Green’s recent blog post “The Baltimo… MORE



By Kristie Landing
The Nasher Museum recently hosted the opening of Exposing the Gaze: Gender a… MORE

Family Day


by Melissa Rygalski
Sunday afternoon: a bored, intense six year old and a frazzled mama. Family… MORE

From the first to the last


by Kristie Landing
I was fortunate to start my first day as an intern at the Nasher Museum when S… MORE

All Access Pass


by Erin Hanas
In 1993 the Duke Museum of Art purchased Angela Bourodimos’ All Access Fountain… MORE