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Posted by Elizabeth Djinis

As an intern in the Registrar’s department at the Nasher Museum of Art, I have been working to c… MORE

Looking back at DUMA

Posted by Beth Blackwood

When students currently enrolled at Duke University look at the Nasher Museum, they see a build… MORE

Stone Carving — Harder than it seems

Posted by Nasher Museum student intern Sharon Chan

As a senior in my final weeks of college, I am frequently asked the dreaded question: “What are… MORE



by Juline Chevalier
I was greatly surprised by Tyler Green’s recent blog post “The Baltimo… MORE



By Kristie Landing
The Nasher Museum recently hosted the opening of Exposing the Gaze: Gender a… MORE

Family Day


by Melissa Rygalski
Sunday afternoon: a bored, intense six year old and a frazzled mama. Family… MORE