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The Work of Art


by Candice Jansen
Charles Carroll often looks at artwork the wrong side up. He even smells certa… MORE

Family Day with Matisse


By Angie Yu
A week ago, two of my friends and I came to the Nasher Museum on a Sunday afternoon to see… MORE

The friend I never met


by Alice Kim
Jessie Petcoff and I have become best friends. She has no idea who I am, of course, but… MORE

Impressions of Matisse


By J Caldwell and Wendy Livingston
We are still smiling over Geoffrey Mock’s story about his e… MORE

His Baltimore Ladies


by Jonathan Prinz (via artbouillon)
Perhaps there was something in the Baltimore air connecti… MORE

Lessons on Matisse


By Geoffrey Mock
I was introduced to the amazing Cone Sisters of Baltimore and their magnificen… MORE

Of Forgiveness & Art


by Niva Taylor / Nasher Museum Student Intern
There are a lot of negative connotations wrapped u… MORE

The permanence of art


By Julia Park

“The museum is the Facebook of the past,” remarked Kerry James Marshall as he b… MORE

Time Capsule: Jenny Holzer


By Rachel Goodwin

This article is part of a series looking at specific works of art from Time Caps… MORE