Saturday, October 10, 2015

Nasher10 Unplugged: Downtown Durham Block Party - 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Nasher10 Unplugged is a downtown Durham block party to celebrate the Nasher Museum’s first decade at Duke and in Durham. This celebration will commemorate a new public art project, a mural painted by artist Odili Donald Odita on the Foster Street wall of the Downtown Durham YMCA, 218 W. Morgan Street.



UPDATED 10/10, 11 AM. Due to rain, our Nasher10 Unplugged festivities will move to the Durham Centre parking garage, level P2, on Foster Street. We will have a terrific (and dry) view of the new mural for all of the festivities. Join us, right across the street from the Downtown Durham YMCA! The schedule of events has also been updated (below).




Zot Artz accessible art making for kids and families


Nasher Teens ─ Nasher Teens chat about Odilia Donald Odita’s new mural, Time Bridge.

Member Hangout ─ free Nasher10 T-shirts to the first 200 members!

DJ Ryah ─ playing soulful music between performances. DJ Ryah is locally known for his Records + Rares nights at Dashi in Downtown Durham, as well as his Soul Funk Disco Dance Parties at the Pinhook.

3:25-4:55 PM Dance Performance: Kristin Taylor

Choreographer Kristin Taylor has created “Vignette,” a work she divided into four sections, or vignettes, especially for Nasher10 Unplugged. Each section tells a different story based on the history of downtown Durham: the strong presence of jazz music culture, the timeless business and financial engines of the city and the lyrical life of dance in the community. One of the vignettes, entitled “Pieces that Listen,” is based on Odili Donald Odita’s new mural at the Downtown Durham YMCA. “I feel the mural is overlooking parts of downtown,” Taylor says, “in a way not only easily seen, but also in a way that it is capturing and listening to the energy of the streets below.”

3:25 PM Movement #1 with Kristin Taylor

4:15 PM Movement #1 with Kristin Taylor

4:35 PM Movement #1 with Kristin Taylor

4:55 PM Movement #1 with Kristin Taylor

3:30 PM Art of Cool All-Star Band, led by Al Strong

30-minute set followed by an open jam session with young people.

5:15 PM Sound Performance: Harrison Haynes

Visual artist and musician Harrison Haynes has created Rakita / Kat / Ge, an improvisational sound performance, especially for Nasher10 Unplugged. Haynes uses a Taal Tarang electronic tabla to produce fractured percussion sounds which emanate from speakers and bounce off the sides of buildings near the festivities. Haynes tells us, “Rakita / Kat / Ge calls attention to the way humans and sound occupy urban space together.”

5:45 PM Screening of a new 13-minute documentary film, Glowing Lines: Odili Donald Odita in Durham

Local filmmaker, Anna Kipervaser, follows abstract painter Odili Donald Odita and his technical team around Durham as they conceive, develop and complete two monumental murals commissioned by the Nasher Museum. The film immerses us in some of Odita’s most exceptional murals, including Rise at Yale University, Forever at the New Orleans Museum of Art and Light and Vision at the U.S. Mission to the United Nations.