Friday, February 6, 2015


Member Friday - 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Members enjoy an evening with complimentary, exclusive access to the exhibitions. Not a member? Join online or by calling 919-684-3411. The Nasher Museum Café will be open to members for dinner (view menu), but advance reservations are strongly encouraged, by calling 919-684-6032.

Please bring your member ID card.


Members are invited to a special short program at 6:30 PM in the lecture hall.  Su Holshausen and Lazy Lizard Travel  are experts in customized travel to the historic lands of Europe, and will take members on a quick journey through the fiercely passionate and proud country of Spain.  With Roman and Moorish influence evident in the architecture, Jewish and Christian significance on the history and culture, and the Celtic impact in the north, the feel of each region in Spain is unique.  The sheer variety of culture, architecture, and cuisine available in Spain makes this the most diverse European country.  The program will explore a few of the highlights and suggested itineraries to whet your appetite for more of the rich culture heritage of Spain.  Enjoy the journey!