Past Exhibitions / Area 919: Artists in the Triangle

January 24, 2015 - April 12, 2015

The Nasher Museum presented a survey of noteworthy work by artists who live in the Triangle. Some of the artists had shown their work internationally in contemporary galleries and museums; others were newer to the art world. All of them have contributed to a vibrant and innovative local artist community. These “artists next door” have both found inspiration at the museum and helped the Nasher forge and grow its presence in Durham’s creative community. Many had taken part in the Nasher Museum’s first decade—through exhibitions, artist talks and events. The Nasher Museum brought the work of these exciting artists together to share with Duke and the broader public. Area 919 featured work by Jeff Bell, Casey Cook, André Leon Gray, Lincoln Hancock with Yuxtapongo, Harrison Haynes, George Jenne, Stacey L. Kirby, Lavar Munroe, Damian Stamer, Bill Thelen, Hong-An Truong, Stacy Lynn Waddell, and Jeff Whetstone.

Listen to a September 2014 podcast of WUNC host Frank Stasio talking with Artist Stacey L. Kirby about the exhibition at CAM Raleigh’s Media Lab and the more than 2,000 conversations it inspired.

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Area 919: Artists in the Triangle was organized by the Nasher Museum’s curatorial department, including Molly Boarati, Assistant Curator; Reneé Cagnina Haynes, Exhibitions and Publications Manager; Chanelle Croxton, Curatorial Assistant; Marshall N. Price, Nancy Hanks Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art; and Trevor Schoonmaker, Chief Curator and Patsy R. and Raymond D. Nasher Curator of Contemporary Art.

ABOVE: (left to right, top row): Harrison Haynes, Oran Mor / Pointe Ephemere / Feierwerk / Button Factory / Trix Centrum / Subterranean (detail), 2012. Suite of six archival inkjet prints. © Harrison Haynes. Casey Cook, Mama Bear, Baby Bear (detail), 2014. Paint on inlaid cardboard. Courtesy of LIGHT Art + Design, Chapel Hill. Photo by Peter Paul Geoffrion. Lavar Munroe, Yellow Glove with Shank (detail) from the series The Footprints Go This Way and Then They Return, 2014. Mixed media on paper. © Lavar Munroe. Damian Stamer, Requiem (detail), 2014. Oil on panel. Courtesy of Sherrick & Paul, Nashville. © Damian Stamer. Photo by Peter Paul Geoffrion. (row 2):  Lincoln Hancock with Yuxtapongo, Exploded Hipster (detail), 2012. Clothing donated by the music community of the Triangle. Photo by Neill Prewitt. George Jenne, Knowing Me (knowing you) (detail), 2013. Video (color, sound), 9:45 minutes. Stacey L. Kirby, Power of the Ballot (detail), 2014. Mixed media. Photo by Alex Maness. Jeff Bell, Nautilus (detail), 2014. Wood, cast iron, screws and glue. Photo by SPECTRE Arts. © Jeff Bell. (row 3):  Stacy Lynn Waddell, No Place Like (detail), 2011. Branded, burned and singed paper with watercolor, Austrian crystals and collage. © Stacy Lynn Waddell. Photo by Christopher Ciccone. André Leon Gray, What Does Revolution Sound Like? (detail), 2010. Tar on canvas with boxing gloves and accumulated dust on reclaimed rattan chair, mounted on camouflaged speaker box. Courtesy of Carol Jazzar Contemporary Art, Miami. Photo by Joshua Hoffman. Jeff Whetstone, Melanoplus Swarm (detail), 2010. Archival ink print on Photo Tex. Courtesy  of  Julie  Saul  Gallery,  New York. © Jeff Whetstone. Bill Thelen, 2 Purple Pretzels (detail),  2008. Watercolor and graphite on paper. Photo by Peter Paul Geoffrion. Hong-An Truong, Explosions in the Sky (Điên Biên Phu’ 1954) (detail) from the video series Adaptation Fever, 2006-07. Video (black and white, sound), 3:20 minute loop. © Hong-An Truong. All images courtesy of each artist.

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