We Visit You


Open to all schools within a 25 mile radius of the Nasher Museum. A member of the Nasher education staff will visit your classroom to lead an engaging discussion with digital images from current and past exhibitions. This free program lasts 30-45 minutes and encourages critical thinking, careful looking and thought-provoking discussion.

Nasher staff can provide a digital projector and laptop or use classroom equipment to present the PowerPoint slides. Classroom must have a screen or blank wall for projection.

What Do You Think?

Recommended for grades K-5
September 15, 2014 – February 27, 2015

Students compare and contrast artworks from current exhibitions to discuss their opinions based on visual details. This visit reinforces the English Language Arts Common Core standards.

Identity and Nationalism

Recommended for grades 6-12
September 15, 2014 – February 27, 2015

Students will discuss how art can express identity, culture and political agendas. Using works from Miró, Rauscheberg and other exhibitions, students will discuss the meaning and historical context of the images.


Request a K-12 classroom visit.