Advisory Board

Nasher Student Advisory Board

The Nasher Student Advisory Board (NSAB) of the Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University is comprised of undergraduates, graduate students and professional students who serve as the student voice of and for the Nasher Museum. The NSAB acts as a bridge between the widely diverse student body and the Nasher at Duke. The NSAB fosters student ownership of the museum, advises museum staff on effective ways to engage the student body, and is proactive in promoting the museum throughout the Duke community and beyond.

Connect with the NSAB through the NSAB Facebook page.

The NSAB helps:

  • plan one large party each year
  • plan smaller, more casual, Art for All events 2-3 times per year
  • partner with other student organizations on campus and at nearby colleges/universities to spread the art love around

The NSAB doesn’t plan or select exhibitions for the museum.

PLEASE NOTE: Membership in the NSAB requires a significant time commitment to attend weekly meetings, plan programs and staff programs/events. Members spend time outside of weekly meetings (2-4 hrs. per week) to plan and promote events. Attendance at monthly events is also required.