Vorticists Catalogue

The exhibition is accompanied by a fully illustrated 192-page color catalogue published by Tate Publishing and available at the Nasher Museum Store ($40, paperback). It includes essays by co-curators Mark Antliff and Vivien Greene, among other contributors.

The Modernist Journals Project

A Modernism-oriented academic journal, The Modernist Journals Project publishes scholarly work on key Vorticists figures and maintains PDFs of Blast magazine. (Access may require a university network.)

The Wyndham Lewis Project

Read Wyndham Lewis’ theory and criticism as well as scholarly work written on the artist, writer and essential Vorticist.

Modern American Poetry

The Vorticists were as much a literary group as visual. Read poetry by group affiliates T.S. Eliot and Ezra Pound, who coined the group’s name.

The Great War

Set against the first world war, it is impossible to divorce the Vorticists from this context. PBS offers a comprehensive history of the war and its ripples through the future.

Project MUSE

Project MUSE archives an array of academic articles including key pieces on the Vorticists from journals such as Modernism/Modernity and ELH: English Literary History. (Subscription required.)

North American Conference of British Studies

Read information on a premier journal of contemporary scholarship on historical British culture and society. (Subscription to journal required.)

Duke Magazine

What an art historian sees in Vorticism: Co-Curator Mark Antliff takes Duke Magazine behind the scenes of the Nasher Museum of Art's exhibition of The Vorticists: Rebel Artists in London and New York, 1914-1918.