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Category Thursdays at the Nasher

Gallery Guide Public Tour with a Twist

Join our experienced Gallery Guides for a quirky tour of the museum! After learning more about our exhibitions, take try sketching back-to-back, going on a scavenger hunt and other activities. You will see the museum in a ...

Category Thursdays at the Nasher

An Evening of Art Therapy with Lamar Whidbee

Join artist and licensed clinical mental health counselor Lamar Whidbee for an evening centered on mindfulness, reflection and art making. Together, we will explore many of the themes in the exhibition More Information

Category Thursdays at the Nasher

Creating and Commemorating: Altar Making Workshop

Through her work, Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons honors departed loved ones with installations that resemble altars. Making work that commemorates people and moments in life is close to the artist’s ancestral religious ...