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The Great Hall became an exciting backdrop for “This Land Is Your Land” by Seattle choreographer and distinguished American Dance Festival faculty member Mark Haim in summer 2013. With a dynamic country music score, 14 performers brandished cell phones, Starbucks cups and plastic machine guns as they explored consumerism, environmental abuse and body image. ADF and the Nasher Museum co-presented “This Land Is Your Land” on June 25 and 26, 2013.

This post, and these comments, are so important to read now, when we wonder, from our paused and remote spaces, what our lives have been about, or are, or will be. The fact that you all remember this, after 7 years no less, not only warms my heart, but reminds me of the power of live performance, its numerous purposes, including bringing humans together, opening up possibilities not yet explored, making spaces for human generosity, compassion and love.

Mark Haim, in a comment on Facebook, responding to a post by Myra Weise, June 25, 2020
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