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I've always been motivated by the pure love for art. It has truly enhanced my life in so many ways and I want more people to experience its magic. I’m motivated by my own sanity too–I can’t seem to stay away from art, so I might as well make it a career!

Gary Yeh, Duke Class of 2017

Back in 2015, ArtDrunk was an Instagram account created by Duke student Gary Yeh. Gary just wanted to bring art to a wider audience. After graduation, he expanded ArtDrunk to a website and e-newsletter that introduces a single artist every week. He posts images of art from all over the world. Now Gary is expanding ArtDrunk to include video, with a focus on media outlets that attract millennials. In September 2018, called out @artdrunk among “10 Art Influencers You Need to Follow on Instagram to Stay in the Loop This Fall.”

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