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As soon as you see the depth, and you realize that you're looking at it from outside. You're at the height and it draws you in, and then lets you come back out. And you're looking down into a chasm.

Thomas Hamilton, Nasher Ambassador

One minute, one work of art, one personal story.

Watch The Art Minute featuring Nasher Ambassador Thomas Hamilton with Odili Donald Odita’s painting, Chasm. This work captures Thomas’s attention with the colorful horizontal and vertical triangles that play with perspective. He encourages everyone to visit Beyond the Surface, featuring work from the Nasher’s collection.

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Video Production Team

Videographer and Editor
J Caldwell, Photographer & Social Media Manager, Nasher Museum

Co-Producer, Videographer and Graphic Designer
Yesenia Martinez-Yanez, summer 2022 marketing intern, Appalachian State University Class of 2022

Wendy Hower, Director of Engagement & Marketing, Nasher Museum

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