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Nasher 2022 Annual Report

Enjoy an overall view of a wonderful year emerging through pictures, numbers and stories, spanning July 1, 2021 through June 30, 2022.

Annual Reports from 2012-2022

Welcome to a few of our favorite moments at the Nasher Museum. In each online Annual Report, a wonderful year emerges through pictures, numbers and stories. Every year, we present about a dozen exhibitions and special gallery installations, acquire hundreds of works of art, guide thousands of school children on tours, host thousands of university students to study the collection, engage Nasher Teens through weekly activities, welcome hundreds of visitors with dementia—and introduce many visiting artists to the community. These pages also describe the fiscal year through statistics and financial reports.

Nasher 2022 Annual Report

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Annual Report Archive

2017-2022 Nasher Museum Strategic Plan

Transforming the Arts, Transforming Duke

View the Nasher Museum's current Strategic Plan.
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