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Press Inquiries

For press inquiries please email Wendy Hower, Director of Engagement and Marketing at or call (919) 475-3425.


For general inquiries please fill out the form below.

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General Contact Information

Information Desk


Nasher Museum Café


Nasher Museum Store


Mailing Address

Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University
Box 90732
Durham, NC 27708

Street Address

Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University
2001 Campus Drive
Durham, NC 27705


919-681-8624 (Please include recipient’s name and department if possible.)

Photo Policy

Can I take pictures or video of the artworks I see?

Yes! Please feel free to record your visit or take pictures, without flash and for personal, non-commercial use only. Share with us on Instagram @NasherMuseum!

There may be occasional restrictions on photography in special exhibitions. Please check signs or ask a staff member for assistance.

To keep our visitors and collections safe, the Nasher Museum prohibits the use of tripods, monopods, selfie sticks, and drones in our museum and sculpture garden.

We appreciate your consideration of other Nasher Museum visitors by taking photographs/videos in an unobtrusive manner.

Visit our online collection to find and save images of some of the works of art you may have seen during your visit. A portion of the collection is also on Google Arts & Culture, zoom in close to view important works in our collection.

If you have any questions about our photography policy or the reproduction of your images, please contact

If you would like to request permission to take photo shoots, press or commercial photographs or videography sessions in the museum, please contact Wendy Hower, Director of Engagement and Marketing at

The Nasher Museum may photograph visitors and program participants on occasion for Duke-related promotional purposes. By entering the Nasher Museum, visitors are granting their permission to be included in such photographs.

Submission Policy

The Nasher Museum of Art does not accept unsolicited materials (slides, prints, CDs, DVDs, etc.) from artists or their agents. The museum does not set up appointments with artists to review their work at their request. If unsolicited materials are sent to the museum without the artist or agent’s prior knowledge of museum policy, the museum is not obligated to return materials that have been submitted without a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Under no circumstances may artists send or drop off original works. The museum cannot take responsibility for the safety of original works.

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